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Vertical Deburring and Grinding Machine


Due to its double-head grinding mechanism, this machine grinds and deburrs glass panels quickly and efficiently.

The machine is built with a compact, powerful design and user-friendly control panel.

Due to the strong and corrosion resistant construction, maintenance costs are low. This model can also be equipped with a washing machine.

Deburring and grinding: this model can perform both deburring and grinding processes.

Low processing costs: All operations are performed automatically, so that a high production speed can be achieved with only one person.

Servo-controlled technology: Thanks to servo-controlled technology, all positioning operations are carried out accurately. In this way, high-quality production is achieved.

Corrosion resistant: All surfaces that come into contact with water are made of corrosion resistant material. So that the costs of maintenance and spare parts are low.

Laminated glass processing: Due to its special rollers, laminated glass panes can be processed scratch-free.

Coated glass: Possible to process coated glass.

Automatic lubrication: Mechanical parts in the machine are automatically lubricated

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