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Vertical Glass Drilling Machine


The HS 500 with holder performs fast and accurate drilling by automatically switching glass drills in five different sizes. In series production, this model offers a great advantage due to its speed and accuracy, significantly reducing production costs by carrying out the work with 1 operator. Due to its sturdy construction and the corrosion-resistant mechanical, this machine has low maintenance costs.

Low machining time: Thanks to the holding system you can quickly drill holes in different sizes without having to replace the drill. In addition, drilling and countersinking takes place in one operation.

Accurate axis measurements and axis movements are extremely fast thanks to the glass holder clamping system.

Compatibility with Dfx files: By loading Dfx files, automatic drilling takes place without entering data.


Low processing and energy costs: Thanks to the servo-controlled technology, the power consumption is low. Since all processes are performed automatically, only one person achieves a high production volume.

Read barcode: Optional.

Automatic lubrication: The automatic lubrication system prevents wear of mechanical parts in a short time.

User-friendly control panel: All operations are performed automatically by entering the drill dimensions in the user-friendly 18.5 '' Schneider control panel.

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