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Vertical glass washer


The powerful EwM washing machine is ideal for washing flat glass in the glass workshop or industry where glass is processed. The machine has an automatic infeed and outfeed, in the washing zone, the glass is thoroughly cleaned by 4 or 6 brushes. The machine can be supplied in various heights and can provide on customer's request become an additional import, export part.

Technical Specifications

  • Washing cabin made of stainless steel

  • Sturdy steel construction

  • 4 or 6 balanced roller brushes

  • Brushes suitable for processing Low E glass or coated glass

  • Operating direction from left to right

  • Washing and drying with hot water, built-in heater

  • Drying unit with sound insulation and 2 fan box

  • Electrostatic powder coating systems against iron oxide

  • Electrical system complies with the general safety rule

Machine Specifications


  • Dimensions processable glass (min): 170 x 350 mm

  • Dimensions processable glass (max): 2000 x 3000 mm

  • Processable glass thickness: 2-12 mm

  • Washing speed: 1-6 mt / min

  • Width: 2000 mm

  • Length: 8400 mm

  • Height: 3050 mm

  • Weight: 2200 kg

  • Voltage: 400 V 3NPE

  • Total power: 17 Kw



  • Full stainless steel wash booth

  • Operating direction (right to left)

  • Available in various heights and designs

  • Machine can be assembled according to your wishes.

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