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Glass cutting table


Producent: Bottero

Type machine: 352BCS Modulinea

Production year: 2000

Condition: Good working state


In excellent working condition glass cutting table of Bottero type 352BCS Modulinea.

BOTTERO 352 BCS Jumbo - Cutting and optimisation table - 3200 x 6000 mm


CNC-controlled straight cutting table for cutting, breaking and loading flat glass sheets for jumbo and part size glass sheets. A motorised gantry axis system moves the cutting bridge and ensures maximum precision and stability during machining.


The working head is equipped with an automatic cutting pressure management mechanism that allows correct adjustment of the force exerted by the wheel, from the beginning to the end of the cutting operation.




* PC hard disk storage of cutting patterns, optimisations of imported shapes Includes complete documents and additional parts

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